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We are convinced discussions and disputes can come to a solution easier and more efficiently through out-of- court dispute resolution, mediation or arbitration. But we put on our robes for those cases that really matter if there is no other way forward.


We want to be more than only lawyers. As process counsellors and changemakers we do much more than just providing legal assessments. We use our skills and talents to guide transitions and reorganizations through a strategic and process driven approach.


We are not only lawyers, but also entrepreneurs and researchers. As such, we are genuinely interested in the current developments within the area of the impact economy and in the political context in which our clients have to develop their activities. Our favorite field of action is the broad spectrum of different types of social entrepreneurs and the ecosystem in which they need to develop their activities to realize positive impact.



Our team is always solution driven: no hypothetical analyses, but a hands-on proposal based on a comprehensive summary approach and real risk assessment.


We are fully aware of the multi-layered dimensions of a new challenge. For that reason, most of our advice goes beyond a mere legal analysis. Psychologic understandings and strategic considerations which are inherent to processes of change and transition are also crucial elements in our advice.


In our daily practice as lawyers, we see every day how infinitely layered a new challenge can be for social enterprises. We can rely on our personal network of other experts when an assignment requires a specific expertise we do not have ourselves. In this way, we are always able to provide our clients with the highest solution impact.

100% solution driven
Pilot or copilot of your change



In highly complex and large-scale transactions, mergers, network organizations or partnerships, the legal implementation is just one of many aspects that need to be dealt with. Most of the time, this aspect is handled simultaneously with other project dimensions such as communication, IT, HR, real estate …


When addressing these complex cases, we often adopt a helicopter perspective to have a broader view. We also coordinate the process if the client asks us to do so. There are different ways to carry out this task. We may act as a pilot or co-pilot part of the client’s transition team, or act together with another expert such as a change expert, a participation expert, a business case developer or a financial analyst.


Boards needing assistance in evaluating their composition, functioning and interaction, can call upon our services to perform an in-depth analysis and take charge of the entire governance assessment process. For this specific purpose, we us a wide range of evaluation tools and techniques, organize an interactive day of reflection and propose an implementation track for adjustment.


We also support governance tracks within the context of the set-up of networks, for instance between hospitals, together with several boards.


By taking up this role as a director, we go beyond our traditional role as lawyers. Being a director does not only require an in-depth knowledge of the legal framework and an extensive experience, but also the talent and ability to sense certain psychological aspects, call problems by their name in a participative and constructive way, and offer the right solutions at the right time. In this perspective, it is essential to find the right connection between organizations and individuals. Only when every person involved is able to participate and ready to take his responsibility, the outcome will be interesting and fascinating.



In every aspect, we want to be reliable partners for our clients. This goes beyond our roles a lawyers, advisors or directors. Social impact entrepreneurs are part of a constantly evolving ecosystem, and as specialized professionals we have to move along. To do so, we focus on education, co-creation and innovation.


Education is part of our DNA. We study new regulations, investigate to get behind implementation problems, and translate the legislation for our clients. During a change process, the sharing of knowledge based on accurate information is key. We are also known to be passionate and driven speakers, able to explain complex issues in understandable language.


Cocreation is our ambition. This drive leads to a dynamic of connection and brings all the dots together to make every project into a success, combining experts, stakeholders and parallel back planning.


Innovation is what we enjoy.  If a project requires a different approach, we are not afraid to leave behind the traditional methods, step out of the box and search for new angles or perspectives. This does not mean that we  are reckless in what we do, but rather that we promote creative thinking.

partners in education, cocreation and innovation