Pioneering with the law is one of our core activities. In a field that is constantly evolving, we analyze the impact new legislation may have on the operations and governance of social enterprises, their partners and projects. Translating these new regulations into new models and workable solutions is one of the things we do on a daily basis.


Pioneering with the legal needs of our clients is part of our DNA. In 2003, we were among the first lawyers to develop legal services tailored to the needs of not-for-profit organizations and social enterprises.


Today, we still keep ahead of our colleagues when it comes to further expanding our specialized services for social impact enterprises. These enterprises have one thing in common: the awareness that the current social and ecologic challenges need to be tackled to create a sustainable society across generations. Social impact entrepreneurs contribute to a new vision on entrepreneurship which includes social return, money, meaning and financial investments by using business as a force for good pioneering with a unique law firm with social impact by allocating jointly part of our annual profit to social impact projects. By doing so, we add an extra dimension to our practice as social impact lawyers.

Our mission


Our mission is to make a meaningful contribution to the development of a social impact economy. Sustainability and positive impact should become self evident aspects of the business environment and operations of every organization. Our ultimate ambition consists in seeing this paradigm shift appear also in the traditional legal thinking.


Our vision


We want to be lawyers using social impact as a benchmark in everything we do. We are driven by our passion for enterprises within the spectrum and large ecosystem of social impact projects. We want to support them by providing our unique expertise as entrepreneurial and dynamic lawyers acting as facilitators and bridge builders. In this perspective, we want to go beyond our role as traditional lawyers and develop our activities according to the needs of our clients by assisting them also as advisors, directors and partners.


Through our own legal enterprise, we also want to generate positive impact. By teaming up, we become impacti.



First of all we want to generate a positive legal impact by the quality of our services.


But we want to reach further. At the start of our social impact project, it became clear that we want to make a contribution ourselves to sustainability, both in-house and externally.


Our relations as a team focus on long-term cooperation: each member of our team has to be a partner of impact lawyers and must also feel like one. This change of attitude will be quite a challenge after many years of conditioning otherwise. This doesn’t scare us off. On the contrary, it challenges us as team. We take up this challenge by keeping an open mind and by relying on our shared value compass, identified by Choco cvba.


In-house, we make a contribution to social impact by focusing on sustainable business practices. We achieve this goal by reducing our ‘paper footprint’, byoptimizing our office space, by promoting efficient mobility, by selecting our suppliers according to the sustainability of their products and services, …


Externally, we want to realize a positive impact by committing ourselves to allocate jointly a part of the annual profit of our law firm to positive impact projects. If you’re curious to know which projects we chose for 2020, take a look here.